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Circular Economy Park

The circular economy industrial park focuses on garbage incineration power generation and transforms the traditional linear economic model of "resource - product - waste" into a circular economy mode of "resource - product - renewable resource" to carry out harmless, reductive and resourceful treatment of the waste, thus recycling them. It enables “Six Intelligent", namely, intelligent planning and scheduling, intelligent decision support, intelligent quality management, intelligent resource management, intelligent interoperability and intelligent production collaboration to become a base of "environmental protection, popular science and education”, based on perfect plan, good design, excellent construction, smooth operation and by means of intelligence, Internet, and IoT.


One-off advantage

The manner of one-off planning, one-off land acquisition and one-off EIA


Centralized treatment and cost saving

Common public facilities such as roads, water sources and power supplies can be utilized for all waste treatment facilities to save investment.


Maximize the use of resources to create positive cycle

Recycling of water, electricity and gas in industrial park


Reduce secondary pollution

All garbage shall be treated within the park to reduce secondary pollution generated by transport, re-treatment, etc.


Integrated treatment

Overall planning, design, construction and operation shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of "continuous cycle”.

Circular Economy Park




Having been focused on the industry for 20 years;

Through high-standard planning, high-standard design, high-standard construction and high-standard operation, Infore Enviro is committed to completely realizing the harmless, reductive and resourceful disposal of solid waste to turn waste into wealth;

At present, by garbage incineration power generation, the annual disposal capacity of household waste can reach nearly 3 million tons. The high-standard garden-style plant area can not only be used as a solid waste treatment base, but also an industrial tourism base, environmental protection education base and an activity base for citizens.


Rubbish is burned at high temperatures to reduce volume and weight. Weight is decreased by about 80% and volume is decreased by about 90%;


Minimize the adverse impact on the environment and human health to the greatest extent in the whole process of collection, storage and disposal of rubbish.
1. The rubbish is kept airtight during collection and transport to prevent the leakage of the bad smell and leachate;
2. The air is extracted by negative pressure from storage area to incinerator for combustion, and the toxic gas is discomposed at the temperature above 850℃;
3. Advanced flue gas cleaning system with the emission indicators superior to the national standards;


The materials and energy derived from the rubbish are reused directly or recycled.
1. A 1000 t/a domestic waste incineration power plant with domestic waste incineration power generation of about 250-300 kilowatt-hours per ton has on-grid electricity of approximately 100 million kilowatt-hours, approximately equaling to save more than 30,000 tons standard coal;
2. The cinder is made into baking-free brick for construction site and pavement etc.;
3. After treatment, the leachate is used for cooling, vegetation irrigation of factory operation.

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