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Infore Enviro Releases "2025-33 Plan Kunpeng", Setting Goals for Next Five Years

Release date : 2021-07-12

        On July 10, Infore Enviro held its 2021 semi-annual business analysis meeting with the theme of "Remain True to Our Original Aspiration and March Forward Bravely" in Changsha, Hunan. At this meeting, Infore Enviro released "2025-33 Plan Kunpeng", which sets out actions for its follow-up business operations and development.
        The plan sets high goals for the company's overall operating income and profit for the next five years. With clearer steps planned ahead, the company now has a whole new development blueprint for subsequent operations and development. 

        The plan also sets high revenue targets for Infore Enviro's overall operations and points towards a clearer path to the future. In the subsequent operations, the company will revolve around its strategic plan and build three core competitive edges: 1) invest more in marketing to get closer to customers; 2) continue to increase investment in product R&D to maintain product leadership; 3) speed up digitalization process to achieve excellent business results. All employees of Infore Enviro will resolutely implement "2025-33 Plan Kunpeng" in their practices. Taking the plan as a driving force, they will make contributions to realization of these goals, while at the same time realizing their personal values during the process.
        In the future, guided by the plan, Infore Enviro will continue to pursue orient around its mission of "Cleaner World, Better Future". It will keep focusing on its core business of Smart Sanitation, and maintain its market-leading role in areas such as Intelligent Equipment, Intelligent Service, and Intelligent Cloud Platform. Infore Enviro will surely attain greater glory with brand-new track records!

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