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Infore Enviro Wins First "Ten-Million" Hydrogen Energy Bid in China

Release date : 2021-09-02

        In June, Guangzhou Huangpu District Environmental Sanitation and Beautification Service Center invited tenders for sanitation vehicles including more than ten 18t hydrogen-fueled road washers. It is the largest tendering for hydrogen energy-powered sanitation vehicles in China. On August 27, Zoomlion-Enviro, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro, won the bid with a contract value of RMB 17.03 million!

        In response to climate change and energy-related challenges, China has announced its aim to "have CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060" at the United Nations General Assembly. Guangzhou, a core component of the Pearl River Delta, has reviewed and approved the Guangzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2019-2030), clearly specifying that with the aim of becoming a hydrogen hub in the South China, Guangzhou will construct a full industrial chain of hydrogen energy while advancing the industrial system reform and transform energy structure.

        By leveraging its advantages in the field of sanitation equipment, Infore Enviro actively explores new energy transformation applications focusing on hydrogen sanitation equipment, develops hydrogen-powered products such as road cleaners, road washers and multifunctional dust suppression vehicles, and empowers development, transformation and innovation of the industry. Winning the bid will enhance the Company's influence on the market of hydrogen-fueled sanitation vehicles, while further solidifying Infore Enviro's leading position in the industry of new energy sanitation equipment.

        ZBH5183GQXDFFCEVXQ fuel cell road washers are the new-generation new energy products developed by Infore Enviro, with efficient, environmentally-friendly and exceptionally reliable performance. The lightweight design reduces the vehicle weight by approximately 5.8% compared to similar electric vehicles. The optimal configuration of high-torque permanent-magnet synchronous motor + automated manual transmission (AMT) + universal driving axle + electric drive decreases energy consumption by 15%, boosting efficiency.
        Infore Enviro, in adherence to its core value that "technological innovation is the foundation of our development", constantly deepens and refines its efforts in energy saving and environmental protection. It never ceases to roll out new energy products to help win the national "Blue Sky Protection Campaign", and contributes to the achievement of "carbon neutrality and carbon emission peak", in pursuit of sustainable, green development!

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