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Infore Enviro Forges the Low-speed Driverless Industry Alliance

Release date : 2021-09-10

        On September 8, the Functional Low-speed Driverless Industry Technology Development Summit took place in Shenzhen. A ceremony was held on site for establishing the "Low-speed Driverless Industry Alliance". Dr. Zhang Bin, Vice President and CTO of Infore Enviro and Director of Central Research Institute, and other executives attended the summit.

        According to sources, this summit, with the theme of "Focus on Scenarios • Low-speed Intelligent Driving", gathered 600+ elites from the domestic low-speed driverless driving sector for in-depth discussions on the successful applications of the current driverless technology in scenarios such as environmental sanitation, ports, logistics, industrial parks and large factories. The innovative development of core driverless technologies and the industry were also discussed thoroughly.

        At the summit, Infore Enviro forged the Low-speed Driverless Industry Alliance together with the leading enterprises on the industrial chain of China's low-speed driverless sector, as China's first comprehensive service platform for low-speed driverless solutions. The Company will take the lead to advance the application and development of the low-speed driverless technology and strive for a brighter future through intelligence and technology.

        As a pioneer and practitioner of the R&D and application of intelligent driverless sanitation equipment, Infore Enviro has developed a product mix of intelligent small sanitation robot equipment by blending the technologies of 5G, AI, machine vision, all-scenario image recognition and green new energy power. Each product is available in two versions, "standard" and "robot", which can be switched between driverless and driver. The Company has developed leading technology of driverless intelligent sanitation equipment that represents the development direction of the sector, and obtained the first driverless road testing license from the government in environmental sanitation. Also, being designated as a dominant entity for national new-generation AI industry innovation -- driverless sanitation robot, it has become part of the "national team" for the technological and industrial innovation of driverless sanitation robot. 
        Infore Enviro's driverless sanitation robots have been commercially utilized in environmental sanitation projects like Orange Isle Scenic Spot in Changsha, Hunan, Futian District in Shenzhen, and Xiangcheng District in Suzhou, revealing the blueprint for the leapfrogging development of low-speed unmanned driving in the environmental sanitation industry.

        In the future, Infore Enviro will, in adherence to its core value that "technological innovation is the foundation of our development", actively boost innovation and development of the low-speed unmanned driving sector, and lead and promote the reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading of "low carbon, intelligence and cloud connectivity" of the environmental sanitation industry. 
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