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Protector of the Blue Ocean, Protecting Sanya Coast丨Infore Enviro Signs the First Contract for "Ocean Cleaning"

Release date : 2021-09-24

Sanya Tianya District Offshore Environmental Sanitation Project 
     Service term: 3 years
     Total contract value: RMB 33,241,200
     Annualized contract value: RMB 11,080,400
     Date of winning bid: August 17, 2021
     Service items: cleaning of sea areas, beaches, river surfaces and protective slopes.

     Project scope: Within the administrative region of Tianya District, Sanya City, public sea areas at 200m out along the low tide shoreline to the lowest tide line, river estuaries, coastal ports, wharf waters, as well as beaches between shorelines and low tide lines, river surfaces and protection slopes of Sanya River.

        The contract for the "Ocean Cleaning Project" in Tianya District, Sanya City was officially signed on September 10, 2021, and mobilization was completed on September 15. This marked the launch of Infore Enviro's "waters cleaning" business, and the Company has entered a new era of "ocean cleaning".

        The marine eco-environment protection becomes increasingly important as the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is being accelerated. On March 10, 2020, Hainan Province announced that the goal of normal and regulated management of marine environmental sanitation would be realized by 2023.
        The city of Sanya lies in the southern part of Hainan Island and ranks first among China's four major first-tier tourist cities (Sanya, Weihai, Hangzhou, Xiamen). In recent years, Sanya is active in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. With the long coastline, it is not only an ideal destination for global tourists, but also a core area for the construction of free trade port. Hence, the city has specified higher requirements in respect of economic development, high-quality tourism and environment of shoreline and offshore waters.

        As the largest "ocean cleaning" project of Hainan Province, the contract signing and mobilization for Tianya District Ocean Cleaning Project are both an innovation in the marketization of "ocean sanitation" by the city of Sanya to implement the national policy, and reflect Infore Enviro's deep understanding of the current industrial development status. By virtue of rich experience of "waters cleaning" in Nan'an, Fujian and Ji'an, Jiangxi, the Company pioneers the "ocean cleaning" business, which is of epoch-making significance for both sides. Infore Enviro, with solid business foundation and forward-looking technological R&D, and considering the characteristics of sea areas near Sanya, will customize an intelligent, mechanical and standard "ocean cleaning" service and operation model to create a benchmark project, as part of its contribution to the ocean sanitation of Sanya.

        In the face of new opportunities and challenges, Infore Enviro, under the market-oriented principle, continues to expand its high-grade, precision and advanced technologies and services such as intelligent equipment, smart service and intelligent cloud platform, further pushes forward the marketization of deep waters and ocean, and promotes ocean cleaning nationwide.
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